National Pillow Fight Day!

Apr 01 2011

Pillow Fight at The Standard, New York

When my life gets too stressful, and I don’t really feel like having a Stan D’artini (SHOCKING!!!), I try to find other sources of stress relief.  My favorite is heading up to my suite at The Standard (whichever one I might be staying at that day), grabbing a pillow and lashing out on anybody in my way.  It’s really quite therapeutic.  Try it.  It works.

Anypassiveagressivebehaviour, tomorrow, Saturday, April 2, is National Pillow Fight Day in New York City.  I know.  I couldn’t believe it either.  So check the site, grab a pillow and get ready for a feathery beat down!  Just watch your back.  I’ve got a mean upper cut.  Leave the bedbugs at home.

Oh, and if you love Breaker Breaker by Peter, Bjorn and John which is the song in the video above, you can download it for free in Standard Sounds!