Dr. Etti Guides Us to the Fountain of Youth

Oct 13 2011

A Sexi-beauty, youth day retreat? Whatever that is, it sounds enticing. The Standard, Miami welcomes back Dr. Etti aka Juice Goddess extraordinaire for a day retreat in which she will share many of her highly popular beauty secrets. The day will also include one of her famous Sexi-juices, a dry brushing session in the hamam and full day access to the spa facilities. Dr. Etti’s Sexi Beauty Youth Day Retreat is on Tuesday, October 18th from 12:00 - 3:00 pm. Cost is $75 and includes a day pass. Here’s a little insider info from the lady herself.

The Standard: What compelled you to study holistic nutrition and psychotherapy?

Dr. Etti: My son was very sick as a baby and Docs did not have a cure. He would get frequent episodes of very high fever; seizures, loss of appetite, low energy etc. He was the catalyst. I started my search for answers beyond what conventional medicine had to offer and after he was cured I decided to make it my life’s mission to guide people through their healing process.

How did you develop your Sexi-Juicing program?

My Sexi-juicing program was created with life-long knowledge that I gathered from my army experience, dance career and, of course, being a psychotherapist and a healer. I combine all those therapeutic modalities together and created a 7-day journey into one self.

What is Sexi Juicing all about? What are the effects?

Sexi Juicing is not a diet. It’s a guided juice cleansing that helps to shift towards a healthier way of living. Instead of facing the drudgery of dieting, you embark on a sensual, life-changing experience. While fad diets emphasize only weight loss, Sexi Juicing integrates modalities of body, mind and spirit into a simple program to support a fundamental lifestyle change. Consequently, losing weight is only one small part of what Sexi Juicing delivers. My clients experience improved energy, mental clarity, self-love and empowerment, all of which will have profound and lasting impacts on every facet of their lives. It’s a new way of living that will become part of them.

Do you see all walks of life in your detox programs?

We do see more women than men. We would love to see more men joining in and finding the time to enhance their quality of life and learning about better eating habits. Sexi-juicers are people who understand that in order to rejuvenate, you need to give your body a rest. By doing that you are turning on the key to your inner fountain of youth. It takes 7 days of Magical process called the autolysis process, which is the detoxification process.

Is it really healthy to “Juice”?

Juice gives the body, mind and spirit a chance to rest, recharge and rejuvenate. It does not require energy for digestion and it’s packed with nutrients. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Juicing is very good way to lose “the weight of waste” - meaning losing weight of toxins that prevents the body from functioning at optimal level.

What’s your number one beauty secret?

My number one beauty secret is Dry Skin Brushing every morning [see below for details] with repeating the mantra - “I totally and completely love and accept myself.” I have been brushing for 7 years now and my skin complexion, cellulite and blemishes are totally gone!

More information on the benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:

It is well known that the skin is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for one-fourth of the body’s detoxification each day, also making it, one of the most important elimination organs! Toxicity can gather beneath the skin’s surface from such common influences as improper pH levels in the body, soaps, skin creams, anti-perspirants and synthetic fibers worn next to the skin with any of them contributing to a variety of skin problems and conditions. When you do Skin Brushing, you help your lymph system to clean itself of the toxins that collect in the lymph glands. You use a simple technique to improve the surface circulation on the skin and keep the pores of the skin open, encouraging your body’s discharge of metabolic wastes. This results in an improved ability to combat bacteria, plus helping your skin to look and feel healthier and more resilient! Skin Brushing is a perfect treatment for self-help enthusiasts.

How to Dry Brush:

• Buy a natural (not synthetic) bristle brush, since it does not scratch the surface of the skin.

• Buy a brush with a long handle, so that you’re able to get to the areas of your body, that are not easy to reach, when doing your own skin brushing.

• Skin brush before showering or bathing, at least once per day. Skin brush twice per day, if possible.

• Do not wet skin, since it will not have the same effect, because this stretches the skin.

• Always skin brush towards the heart.

• Do circular counter-clockwise strokes on the abdomen.

• Do lighter strokes over and around breasts, but do not brush the nipples.

• Brush each part of the body several times vigorously, completely brushing the whole body.

• Brush the soles of the feet first, because the nerve endings there affect the whole body. Next brush the ankles, calves, and thighs, then brush across your stomach and buttocks and lastly brush your hands to the arms.

• Take a warm bath or shower, which should always be followed by a cool rinse at the end to invigorate blood circulation and stimulate surface warmth.

• Wash your brush every few weeks in water and let it dry.

• Focus on what’s beautiful in your body and repeat the mantra - “I totally and completely love and accept myself.”