Art Basel To Do List by Johnny Misheff: Day 3

Dec 03 2011

If you come down to Miami during ABMB for the ART, please seriously consider going to these three shows today. You won’t regret it!

First up is a visit to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a public museum and National Historical Landmark, where South Florida-native Naomi Fisher’s video installation, “Jungle Sweat, Roseate” has taken over the main house of the museum. Having been fascinated with the landmark since her childhood, Fisher is fulfilling a lifelong dream of working within and around the museum. In the video, a girl emerges, covered in mud and earth from the mangroves and discovers the stunning gardens and structures of Vizcaya. I can only imagine the accompanying installation will compliment the dream-like video and put me in a really really good mood. 3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL On view through January 16, 2012.

A still from Naomi Fischer’s installation

From there, it’s all about the Royal Rumble, a group show organized by Michael Nevin, Vita Zaman and Olivier Babin. The show, open since Wednesday and running through Sunday, features an incredible roster of incredibly fresh faces to the art world. Many of you might not now recognize the names Grayson Revoir, Kyle Thurman and Sebastian Black, but Nevin, Zaman and Babin are assuring you will soon. Go see this show to get an early glimpse of whom the art world will be raving about next. 45 NW 31st Street, Miami, FL 33127

A detail of a Harold Ancart piece in “Royal Rumble at Waffle House”. Photograph by Michael Nevin

Then I’ll scoot over to The Standard for a triple book launch/signing event of epic proportions. Leo Fitzpatrick, Luis Gispert and Tim Barber have all produced stunning books published by the OHWOW Gallery. Leo’s book, titled “Not Garbage” is a curatorial exploration and response to the life and art of artist Ray Johnson, with work from Dan Colen, Hanna Liden, Josh Smith and more. Luis’ “Decepcion” is a series of photographs chronicling a massive, two year long tour of America, where he set his lens on the world of designer reproductions… You know, like those fake Gucci bags you can get on Canal Street. It’s fascinating to see how people from all over the US utilize these counterfeits. Tim’s book, titled “Untitled Photographs,” is a group of images Barber has shot over the last 15 years. The images presented here show what a terrifically prolific artist Barber is, and is at it’s core a truly beautiful sort of autobiography. Make sure to check out The Standard’s Tumblr too, as Tim has been contributing his Art Basel (and UFO!) snap shots there.

By Tim Barber, found in his new book “Untitled Photographs,”